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    • 3.5 inch LCD Board for STM32F4 Discovery Kit


    LCD module [STM32F4DIS-LCD] - consists of 3.5 inch LCD and driver board. This module is designed for Embest STM32F4DIS-BB board.

    Getting Starte Guide:
    • Connect LCD module STM32F4DIS-LCD to STM32F4DIS-BB CON3 via LCD cable.
    • Connect the STM32F4DISCOVERY board to a PC with a ‘USB type A (Male) to Mini-B (Male) cable through USB connector CN1 to power the board.
    • Load project image and then run program.
    • When the program is running, a message display on the LCD.


    • Driving IC: SSD2119
    • Display format: 320 * 240
    • Color: 262K colors
    • Blacklight: PWM control
    • Interface: 16bit 8080 parallel system interface
    • Touch screen: 4-wire resistive touch screen
    • LCD dimension: 3.5 Inch (diagonal)
    • LCD active area (W*H): 70.0mm * 52.6mm
    • Operating temperature: -10~60°C
    • Power consumption: 0.18A@5V

    Ships With

    • 1 x LCD module - STM32F4DIS-LCD

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