Version 2

    The FRFC is based on the new generation Z1- technology of the Bulk Metal® Precision Foil resistor elements by Vishay Precision Group (VPG), which makes these resistors virtually insensitive to destabilizing factors. Their element, based on the new Z-1 Foil is a solid alloy that displays the desirable bulk properties of its parent material; thus, it is inherently stable (remarkably improved load life stability of 30 ppm), noise-free and withstands ESD to 25KV or more. The alloy is matched to the substrate and forms a single entity with balanced temperature characteristics for an unusually low and predictable TCR over a wide range from -55 C° to more than 125C°. Resistance patterns are photo-etched to permit trimming of resistance values to very tight tolerances. The flip chip configuration provides a substantial PCB space saving of more than 35 % vs. a surface mount chip with wraparound terminations. The FRFC is available in any value within the specified resistance range. The FRFC0805 (Z1-Foil) is an upgraded version of the VFCP0805 (Z Foil) with double rated power of 200mW.