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    • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit
    • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit
    • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit


    The PSoC®4 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042) is an easy-to-use and inexpensive development platform enabling you to create unique designs with the flexibility of PSoC 4. Featuring a member of the PSoC 4200 family, this kit gives you the power of an ARM® Cortex™-M0 combined with the fully customizable analog and digital fabric of the PSoC in the palm of your hands.

    The PSoC 4 architecture offers power leakage of 150 nA while retaining SRAM memory, programmable logic, and the ability to wake up from an interrupt. In stop mode, it consumes only 20 nA while maintaining wake-up capability. It has the widest operating voltage range of any Cortex-M0-based device, enabling full analog and digital operation from 1.71V to 5.5V. It also enhances Cypress’s CapSense capacitive-touch sensing technology by offering significant leadership in noise immunity. In addition to capacitive sensing, PSoC 4 targets field-oriented control (FOC) motor control, temperature sensing, security access, portable medical, and many other applications.

    Infinitely Expandable
    The PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit includes connectors for Arduino™ compatible shields and Digilent® Pmod™ daughter cards, enabling you to pick from a variety of third party expansion boards. The board also features a CapSense® Slider, an RGB LED, a push button switch, and more!

    Designed for Low Power
    The PSoC 4 architecture supports an extremely low-leakage hibernate mode consuming only 150 nA. It features a best-in-class 20 nA stop mode, eliminating the need for external power circuitry for sleep and wake-up control. While in active mode, it provides fully functional analog capabilities from 1.71 – 5.5 V.


    • OnBoard PSoC® CY8C4245AXI
      • 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 48 MHz CPU
      • 16-bit Timer/PWM
      • Low Power Comparator
      • 12-bit 1 Msps SAR ADC
      • Programmable Analog Block
      • Programmable Digital Block
      • Versatile I/O System
      • 150 nA Low Leakage Hibernate Mode
      • 20 nA Stop Mode
      • 1.71 – 5.5 V Operation
    • OnBoard PSoC 5LP CY8C5868LTI
      • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 67 MHz CPU
      • Program and Debug
      • Supports SWD, USB-UART, USB-I2C
    • Kit Expansion Ports
      • Arduino™ Shield Compatible Headers
      • Digilent® Pmod™ Compatible Header
      • Cypress PSoC 5LP GPIO Header
    • Included Example Projects
      • Blinking LED with PWM
      • RGB LEDs Color Cycle with PWMs
      • Low-Power Demo
      • CapSense® Slider Demo

    Ships With

    • PSoC 4 Pioneer Board
    • Quick Start Guide
    • USB-A to USB-mini B Cable
    • Jumper Wires (x6)

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