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    PSoC® Creator™ is a state-of-the-art software development IDE combined with a revolutionary graphical design editor to form a uniquely powerful hardware/software co-design environment. This co-design approach frees embedded designers from hardware re-spins and software hacks. It also enables immediate testing of new ideas, rapid response to hardware changes, and error-free software interaction with on-chip peripherals.With PSoC Creator, the designer can:

    • Create and share user-defined, custom peripherals using hierarchical schematic design and Verilog entry
    • Automatically place and route selected components and integrate simple glue logic normally residing in discrete muxes or 22V10s
    • Trade-off hardware and software design considerations allowing you to focus on what matters: getting to market fast


    PSoC Creator is a unique design software that enables engineers to design the way they think, using schematic-based design capture along with pre-verified, production-ready Components to keep system creation independent of the target PSoC device. Instead of trawling through device documentation and memorizing register maps, users simply lay out the design, just as they would on paper or a whiteboard, and let the tool translate it into the PSoC configuration. With PSoC Creator, customers create designs according to application requirements, not the limitations of the target device. Re-targeting to new devices is as simple as rebuilding an application, so porting designs between PSoC devices becomes a snap, including migrating working designs seamlessly from 8- to 32-bit devices.


    PSoC Creator automatically places Components into the selected PSoC device, routes all on-chip signals and directs I/O to the optimal pins. Each peripheral component is carefully parameterized so that the implementation is automatically optimized to fit the developer's needs perfectly with no wasted resources. The build process generates a consistently-named set of regression-tested APIs for each component that allows the software developer to control the hardware without knowing the underlying register set. Customized designs, and their associated APIs, can be saved in a library for future reuse and easily shared within an organization.


    PSoC Creator also allows the designers to tap into an entire tools ecosystem with integrated compiler tool chains, RTOS solutions and top production programmers to support PSoC 3, PSoC 4 and PSoC 5LP.


    The latest version, PSoC Creator 2.2, features seven new and five enhanced Components including MDIO Interface, SAR Sequencer and a digital Component pack with multiple Flip/Flops, a Pulse Converter and a Frequency Divider. It also offers a new PWM-based sensor interface Component that connects to Analog Devices' TMP05 temperature sensors. Components integrate system interfaces and discrete ICs into a PSoC solution, reducing BOM costs and board-space.

    Key Features

    • Integrated schematic capture for device configuration
    • Extensive component catalog
    • Integrated source editors
    • Built-in debugger
    • Support for component creation (design reuse)
    • ARM RealView MDK and RVDS compiler support
    • PSoC 3 compiler - Keil C51 (no code size limit)
    • PSoC 5 compiler - Sourcery G™++ Lite Edition from CodeSourcery™

    New Features added in PSoC Creator 2.2:

    • Project Datasheet Generation
    • Component Distribution (Import/Export)
    • Rename Annotation Components to External / Off-Chip
    • New DWR Parameter – “Variable Vdda”
    • Binding Error Symbols
    • Peripheral Register Debug in IDEs
    • MISRA Support for Automotive Applications
    • Datapath Editor Enhancements


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    Licensing & System Req.


    Developers can download the new software free of charge at

    System Requirements

    The following minimum configuration is required for installation of the PSoC Creator 2.2 application. See the release notes for details on performance expectations in resource constrained systems.

    • Windows Operating System
      • Windows XP SP2 or SP3
      • Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit supported) and SP1
      • Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit supported) and SP1
      • MacOS v10 with Parallels Desktop v6 running Windows XP SP3
    • 1 GHz CPU
    • 512 MB RAM (minimum), 1 GB RAM (preferred)
    • 2 GB of hard disk space
    • USB 2.0
    • 1024x768 screen resolution


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    Language Tools

    PSoC Creator combines a C-based development flow with automatically generated software APIs for the components in your design. Cypress APIs reduce coding errors and ensure correct interaction with the peripheral so the whole software development is faster, easier and less error prone. Included with PSoC Creator are free compilation tools that have no limits on the amount of code you generate or how long you use the tool. For PSoC 3, its the Keil C51 compiler (with a free license renewable annually). PSoC 5 comes with the CodeSourcery G++ Lite Edition. Also supported are the ARM RealView MDK and RVDS compilers for PSoC 4 and PSoC 5.


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    Debuggers and Programmers

    Cypress Tools

    PSoC Programmer software tool is a required installation for PSoC Creator. It supports all Cypress PSoC programming hardware and PSoC devices. PSoC Programmer is a simple GUI that connects to programming hardware to program and configure PSoC devices. From the Programmer GUI users will be able to select their target device, configure programming selections and execute a number of programming actions such as Program, Read, Verify and Erase. When programming any PSoC device there is at least one Host Programmer and the target PSoC.


    Miniprog3Miniprog3 - PSoC 3/5 Programmer and Debugger

    FirstTouch Kit 3 (CY8CKIT-003)FirstTouch Kit 3 (CY8CKIT-003) - PSoC 3 Introductory Programmer/Development Kit

    CY8CKit-050 PSoC 5 DVKCY8CKit-050 PSoC 5 DVK - PSoC 5 Introductory Programmer/Development Kit


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    User GuideCypress: Quick Start Guide for PSoC Creator 2.2 Service Pack 1
    User GuideCypress: Migration Guide for PSoC Creator 2.2 Service Pack 1
    Solution GuideCypress: Solution Guide for PSoC Creator 2.2 Service Pack 1
    Revision NoteCypress: Release Notes for PSoC Creator 2.2 Service Pack 1


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