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    Per the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Statement of Principles 1.0:

    Open Source Hardware is hardware whose design is made publicly available so that anyone can study, modify, distribute, make, and sell the design or hardware based on that design. The hardware’s source, the design from which it is made, is available in the preferred format for making modifications to it. Ideally, open source hardware uses readily-available components and materials, standard processes, open infrastructure, unrestricted content, and open-source design tools to maximize the ability of individuals to make and use hardware. Open source hardware gives people the freedom to control their technology while sharing knowledge and encouraging commerce through the open exchange of designs.

    For an electronics product, the schematic, PCB layout and BOM (bill of materials) would need to be published under an Open Source license.  The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) hosts a good document on best practices:


    Best Practices for Open-Source Hardware 1.0 | Open Source Hardware Association

    OSHWA also created a helpful Open Source Quick Reference Guide with a checklist and a "May" & "Must" poster.


    Her are a few examples of Open Source Hardware boards:



    The following is a listing of Open Source Hardware products stocked by Premier Farnell (Newark element14 [North America], Farnell element14 [Europe] & element14 [APAC]):




    [ This list is still a work in progress, and I will be adding more product here in the future.  Please leave a comment below if you have additional suggestions or feedback.  Thanks, fustini ]