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    Flex Your Mental Muscles with the Amazing BrainTeaser!
    During the month of June we'll be posting three clues a week here to help you complete the crossword game board below!  We'll be giving away a total of nine SABRE Lite i.MX6 Platform Development Kits to winners chosen at random who participate in finding the answers to the crossword clues on the Community.


    How to Play: (Please note ammended rules to enter competition this week, June 24th - June 27th)


    It's simple to play.  Just follow these instructions:
    1) Watch here for the reveal of three clues each Monday during the month of June. 


    2) Once the clues are revealed for the week, you'll track down the answer hiding somewhere on the Community.  The answer could be hiding anywhere in the Community, including a document, a discussion or even a blog.


    3) (Please note changes to rules to enter contest this week (June 24th - June 27th) Once you find the answer (with the image of the man in the party hat below) let us know you found it by posting the answer to the clue on the cooresponding documents here:
    This will enter you in the drawing to win one of the nine SABRE Lite Development Kits!   (Make sure to add your comments before Thursday 11:59PM CT for the clues of the week to be entered!)


    Hint! Not sure if you found the right answer?  You'll know you found it if you see this image below.  We'll be sharing new hints to find the answers, so check back here if you need some help.   Don't forget, you must be logged in to the Community to comment or reply.


    1.  (Congrats to our winner, cnxsoft!) The Raspberry Pi Project details how to build a Media Centre using what?
    4. (Congrats to our winner, NajathNajath Abdul AzeezNajath Abdul Azeez!)This Arduino product that makes connecting to WiFi easier and means "cloud" in Chinese
    6. (Congrats to our winner, was!) This expert on Arduino provides video tutorials in English and Russian! 
    8. (Congrats to our winner, dwinhold!) This project using Scratch demos how to control what Pi Accessory?
    2. (Congrats to our winner, yami759!Ben Heck mods an XBox 360 ________ in this video on element14 Community
    3. (Congrats to our winner, davidbaker100!) A microcontroller board based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU
    5. (Congrats to our winner, M W!) A leading provider of embedded system solutions including hardware and software development tools and design services
    7. (Congrats to our winner, bwelsby!) This webinar teaches attendees how to use a(an)_______ as a coprocessor to significantly improve the speed of your application.
    9. (Congrats to our winner, danteo!) This post discusses NASA's plan to use a 3D Printer to make what?
    Good Luck!