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    • Evaluation Board for ARM based SAM9XE Microcontrollers
    • Evaluation Board for ARM based SAM9XE Microcontrollers


    The AT91SAM9XE-EK evaluation kit enables designers quickly evaluate and develop code for applications running on an Atmel SAM9XE microcontroller. The AT91SAM9XE-EK requires 5V DC (±5%). DC power is supplied to the board via the 2.1 mm by 5.5 mm socket J1. Coaxial plug center positive standard. The user has the possibility to plug a battery (3V Lithium Battery CR1225 or equivalent) in order to permanently power the backup part of the device.

    The Atmel® SAM9XE Flash microcontroller combines a 200-MIPS ARM926EJ-S™ processor core with up to 512K bytes of on-chip Flash. It offers an unrivalled combination of performance and functionality on a single chip, making the SAM9XE ideal for space-constrained applications where high level of integration and small footprint is required. The SAM9XE shares the maximum of peripherals and technology with Atmel’s ARM7™ and Cortex™ M3-based families, making the migration between the Flash microcontroller families easy.

    The SAM9XE system controller includes a reset controller capable of managing the power-on sequence of the microcontroller and the complete system. Correct device operation can be monitored by a built-in brownout detector and a watchdog running off an integrated RC oscillator. The SAM9XE is architectured on a 6-layer matrix, allowing a maximum internal bandwidth of six 32-bit buses. It also features an External Bus Interface capable of interfacing with a wide range of memory devices. The SAM9XE microcontrollers are fully supported by a worldwide ecosystem of industry-leading suppliers of development tools, operating systems and protocol stacks.

    Key Applications: Industrial Automation (Industrial Communications), Metering (Data Concentrators, Electricity Meters)


    • 64 Mbytes of SDRAM memory
    • 256 Mbytes of NANDFlash memory
    • One Atmel® serial DataFlash®
    • One Atmel TWI serial EEPROM
    • One USB device port interface
    • Two USB Host port interfaces
    • One DBGU serial communication port
    • One complete MODEM serial communication port
    • One additional serial communication port with RTS/CTS handshake control
    • JTAG/ICE debug interface
    • One PHY Ethernet 100-base TX with three status LEDs
    • One Atmel AT73C213 Audio DAC
    • One DataFlash, SD/MMC card slot

    Ships With

    • AT91SAM9XE-EK board
    • Universal input AC/DC power supply with US, UK and Europe plug adapters
    • One A/B-type USB cable
    • One serial RS232 cable
    • One RJ45 crossed Ethernet cable
    • One CD-ROM that allows the user to begin evaluating the AT91 ARM® Thumb® 32-bit microcontroller quickly

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