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    To ensure element14 Community continues to be a place where all members feel free of harassment and free to share ideas, ask questions and discuss products, projects and technologies. Please read and familiarize yourself with the guidelines for participation.  Additionally, please find a link to the Terms & Conditions.


    ·         Content Not Tolerated

    o   Harassment & Personal Attacks Against People, Members, Businesses or Organizations

    §Name-calling, finger-pointing, racial, religious, age, gender or sexual orientation abuse

    o   Private Information

    §Sharing personal information of other members without their consent (addresses, phone numbers, email ect…)

    o   Non-Productive and Off-Topic Conversation

    §Conspiracy theories, and topics not related to product, projects or technologies

    o   Profanity, Explicit Content and Offensive Language

    o   Negativity

    §Constant baiting, starting or encouraging arguments and snark

    o   IP Infringement

    o   Impersonation

    o   Spam


    ·         Acceptable Content

    o   Productive, positive & respectful discussion and questions, opinions, knowledge sharing, healthy debate centered around products, technologies and projects are welcome.


    All content on element14 Community is self-moderated, which means our moderation team will not review content unless it is reported to them.  All members are welcome to report violations of the Community guidelines by using the “Report Abuse” feature embedded in all content (you must be logged in to use this feature).  All content reported as abuse is reviewed regularly by the moderation team.  Any content that is found in violation of these guidelines and/or our Terms and Conditions, the author will be issued one warning and the content will be deleted.  If further reports are filed against the member, the content will be deleted and the member will be banned from the Community permanently.  Please note that “Report Abuse” is to be used only when content violates the above guidelines and is not to be used to report content that a member disagrees with or dislikes.  Inquiries about these guidelines should be posted as a question in Feedback & Support.