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    • Evaluation Kit for Atmel SAMA5D35 ARM-based Embedded MPU
    • Evaluation Kit for Atmel SAMA5D35 ARM-based Embedded MPU


    The SAMA5D35-EK is a full-featured evaluation platform for the Atmel SAMA5D35 embedded microprocessor. The kit consists of a main board and a computer module equipped with a SAMA5D35 processor. It is supported by the SAMA5D3 Softpack, a free set of bare metal C examples, and is delivered with on-board demos for Linux and Qt-based GUI. The SAMA5D35-EK allows users to extensively evaluate, prototype and create applications that require audio, mass storage, networking, connectivity and more.

    The SAMA5D31-EK Evaluation Kit consists of three boards:

    • The Computer Module board (CM), is a single-board-computer that integrates all the core components and is mounted onto an application specific main board (MB). The Computer Module have specified pinouts based on the SODIMM200 connector. It provides the functional requirements for an embedded application. These functions include, but are not limited to, graphics, audio, mass storage, network and multiple serial and USB ports. A single SODIMM200 connector provides the main board interface to carry all the I/O signals to and from the Computer Module
    • The Main Board (MB) provides all the interface connectors required to attach the system to the application specific peripherals. This versatility allows the designer to create a densely packed solution, which results in a more reliable product while simplifying system integration

    The Atmel SAMA5D3 series is a high-performance, power-efficient embedded MPU based on the ARM® Cortex™-A5 processor, achieving 536 MHz with power consumption levels below 0.5 mW in low-power mode. The device features a floating point unit for high-precision computing and accelerated data processing, and a high data bandwidth architecture. It integrates advanced user interface and connectivity peripherals and security features.

    The CM (CPU Module) board is the heart of the system. It connects to the Main Board through a SODIMM200 interface. It carries the SAMA5D3 series processor and external memories. The CM board serves as a minimal CPU sub-system. The CM connects to a carrier board containing its connectors, power supply and any expansion I/O, through a standard gold-plated SODIMM 200-pin connection.

    Key Applications: Graphics, Audio, Mass storage, Networking, Connectivity


    • Atmel SAMA5D35 embedded MPU running at 536MHz in a BGA324 package
    • 4Gb DDR2, 2Gb NAND Flash, 128Mb NOR , 32Mb SPI Serial DataFlash, 512Kb EEPROM
    • J-Link and CDC on-board, optional JTAG test access port
    • MII/RMII Ethernet 10/100 w/PHY
    • RGMII Ethernet 1Gb w/PHY
    • Four-wire RS232
    • Two USB 2.0 Host, one USB 2.0 Host/Device
    • Conexant CX20548 SmartDAA for soft modem implementation
    • MicroSD card slot
    • Headphone output, line in and microphone
    • One ISI interface for connection to a CMOS sensor
    • One HDMI interface
    • One 10-pin connector for Atmel RZ600 ZigBee® module
    • Two CAN connectors

    Ships With


    • One SAMA5D3x-MB (main board)
    • One SAMA5D35-CM (CPU module board)

    Power supply

    • Universal input AC/DC power supply with US, Europe and UK plug adapters
    • One 3V lithium battery type CR1225


    • One micro A/B-type USB cable
    • One USB cable
    • One RJ45 crossed cable

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