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    The Raspberry Pi Model B is now available with an 8GB SD card pre-installed with NOOBS offering a choice of over 6 operating systems ready to use with your Pi.


    Features & Benefits:

    ·     Get’s you up and running quicker. No need to download operating software, the 6 most popular operating systems are pre-loaded on the card for you and ready to install at the click of a button.

    ·      Change or re-install operating systems at a click of a button with NOOBS.

    ·     If the worst should happen and you were to corrupt your files they can be safely and easily restored with NOOBS

    ·      All the space you will need to create and store your Raspberry Pi projects on the officially recommended SD Card by the Raspberry Pi Foundation


    A Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB board and an 8GB SD card incorporating the NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) released from the Raspberry Pi Foundation


    What is NOOBS?:

    NOOBS contains a Recovery System that loads every time you boot up your Raspberry Pi. This recovery system contains pre-loaded images for 6 operating systems that you can install on your device. These include:

    Arch Linux

    OpenELEC (Xbox Media Centre)



    RaspBMC (Xbox Media Centre)

    Raspbian (Raspberry Pi Foundation’s preferred operating system)

    If you want to change operating systems, you can simply choose one from the list above and click ‘Install OS’ and your chosen software will be installed. Please be warned that this will erase all existing software that was previously installed on the card.


    Why use NOOBS?

    It is very easy to use. You do not have to seek out and find an operating system for the Raspberry Pi and then re-flash your card using 3rd party software each time you want to change operating systems. The 6 most popular operating systems are pre-loaded on the card for you and ready to install and use at the click of a button.

    Should the worst happen and you manage to corrupt your operating system you do not have to go through the process of downloading the operating system again and re-flashing your SD card, you can simply load up the recovery system and install a fresh operating system directly from the Raspberry Pi. To load the recovery system simply hold the SHIFT key down while you boot your Raspberry Pi.


    Why use an 8GB card?

    With the New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) all of the operating system images are preloaded on the SD card and held within the recovery partition. These system images use just over 1GB of space on the SD card. Therefore to ensure that you can get the maximum benefit from your Raspberry Pi we recommend using an 8GB card so you have plenty of spare space on the card to create your own files.

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