Version 3

    New comer in the Freescale Freedom Platform : the FRDM-KE02ZFRDM-KE02Z



    FRDM-KE02Z with Box





    The board has the same form factor as the Review for FRDM-KE02Z : Freedom now Review for FRDM-KE02Z : Freedom now FRDM-KL25Z . Freescale lists a ‘budgetary price’ of $12.95 for the board. Prices might depend on region and distributor, but it is in the same range as the FRDM-KL25Z.


    :idea: While the Freescale page links to Mouser, Future and DigiKey as distributors, but there is stock by many other distributors, like Farnell/Element14 ;-) .



    FRDM-KE02Z components



    FRDM-KE02Z features with differences to the FRDM-KL25Z marked in bold:

    • 20 MHz ARM Cortex-M0+
    • 4 KByte SRAM
    • 64 KByte FLASH
    • 256B EEPROM
    • Capacitive touch slider
    • MMA8451QR1MMA8451QR1 accelerometer
    • IrDA transmitter and receiver
    • Thermistor sensor to measuring temperature
    • Tri-color RGB LED
    • OpenSDA onboard USB debug interface
    • ‘Arduino compatible’ headers (unpopulated)



    FRDM-KE02Z back side



    Some additional components like IR transmitter and receiver and a thermistor sensor to measure temperature.

    The biggest plus is the enhanced ESD/EMC robustness of the Kinetis-E family with 2.7 to 5.5V power supply, the three Flextimers (with PWM capabilities) and the 256B of EEPROM embedded in the MKE02Z64VQH2 :-):-) .



    Ambient Light Sensor


    The receiver of the Infrared Port is connected to PTA1 and the transmitter to PTB1




    FRDM-KE02Z Infrared transmitter and receiver (Source: FRDM-KE02Z Schematics)






    The Thermistor sensor to measure temperature is connected to PTF4 and PTF5 microcontroller ports



    Thermistor sensor (Source: FRDM-KE02Z Schematics)



    Software and Tools


    Out-of-the-box, board comes preloaded with the OpenSDA MSD application to simply drag'n drop precompiled examples of the 'FRDM-KE02Z_QSP' (Quickstart Package) in the file Explorer.

    As with the previous Freedom boards, if you want to evaluate the IAR or the Codewarrior project examples of the ‘FRDM-KE02_SC’ (Sample Code Package), it needs to be replaced with the OpenSDA Debug Application and with the OpenSDA CMSIS-DAP Application if you want to develop with Keil MDK-ARM.


    The board/microcontroller is not supported in CodeWarrior for MCU10.4 out of the box in the New Project Wizard.

    It is necessary to download the 'CW MCU v10.4 KE02Z 20MHz Service Pack' and Update Codewarrior following those steps:


    1. Open Codewarrior for MCU10.4




    2. Open 'help' and select 'install new software' to open a new window.




    3. Press 'Add' in the 'Install' window




    4.  Press 'Archive' in the 'Add Repository' window and select the '' package




    5. Select 'MCU v10.4 Kinetis Service Packs' and confirm


    available-software.png install-details.png review-licenses.png


    6. Restart Codewarrior




    Congratulation, you can now select the KE02Z64 target in the New Project Wizard of Codewarrior.



    MKE02Z64 in CodeWarrior for MCU10.4 New Project Wizard





    With ESD/EMC robustness and 5V capabilities, three Flextimers (with PWM capabilities) and EEPROM compared to the FRDM-KL25Z, the FRDM-KE02Z is clearly recommended for every basic motor control or harsh environment applications.


    Happy Boarding :-)