Fuel Tank BoosterPack

Version 19
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    • Works with all existing LaunchPads
    • Onboard BQ24210 Li-Ion battery charger
    • Onboard BQ27510-G2 Gas Gauge
    • 1 LED for Low battery indication
    • 1 LED to indicate the battery is charging
    • Charges through USB
    • Outputs: Battery temp, voltage, avg. current, chage state, design and remaining capacity
    • Includes 3.7V 1200mAH Lithium Polymer battery
    • Two 20-pin of headers for connection to the Texas Instruments LaunchPads

    element14 exclusively presents Texas Instruments Fuel Tank BoosterPack (BOOSTXL-BATTPACK) which is designed to provide battery power to the Texas Instruments LaunchPad development kits. The BoosterPacks can be connected to the LaunchPads with the help of the two 20-pin male headers.

    The Fuel Tank BoosterPack works with all exisiting TI LaunchPads and includes an onboard Lithium Polymer battery charger as well as gas gauge that can output the critical parameters of the battery including temperature, charging state, capacity and more. When connected to the LaunchPad, the BoosterPack is able to act as a power source to the LaunchPads and is able to provide the portability and flexibility on applications. The Pack comes with a Lithium Polymer battery pack which is charged through an onboard USB connector.

    The BQ24210 is a highly integrated Li-ion linear charger targeted at space-limited portable applications. The high input voltage range with input over-voltage protection supports low-cost unregulated adapters. The IC has a single power output that charges the battery. A system load can be placed in parallel with the battery as long as the average system load does not keep the battery from charging fully during the 10 hour safety timer.

    The BQ27510-G2 system-side Li-Ion battery fuel gauge is a microcontroller peripheral that provides fuel gauging for single-cell Li-Ion battery packs. The bq27510-G2 resides on the main board and manages an embedded battery (non-removable) or a removable battery pack. The bq27510-G2 uses the patented Impedance Track™ algorithm for fuel gauging, and provides information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), state-of-charge (%), run-time to empty (min.), battery voltage (mV), and temperature (°C).

    Key Applications: Power Management, Portable Devices, Hobby & Hardware Hacking

    • Fuel Tank BoosterPack Board
    • 3.7V 1200 mAH Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
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