Version 1

    element14 provides consolidated Cadsoft EAGLE CAD libraries to reduces the efforts and time put into by our EDE customer in PCB design process while creating CAD Library for specific part in a design. The provided CAD libraries has both Symbols and Footprints (Device, Symbol & Package) information and developed as per IPC standards to meets all industrial PCB design requirements. Every CAD library has part information along with Farnell and Newark order codes which helps in creating final Bill of Materials with the suppliers order codes.


    This is the EAGLE CAD library for Holtek HT82K628A-40DIPLF, HT9170D-18SOPLF, HT12D & HT12E device. This library is provided in a downloadable ZIP format which includes below files:


    1. Holtek Library (.lbr) file

    2. List of components in the library (PDF)

    3. Readme file - Gives step by step instruction on how to import and use the library file into the Cadsoft EAGLE software.