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    Xtrinsic Sensor Board for Freescale freedom board and Raspbery Pi Host Platforms based on MPL3115, MAG3110, MMA8491Q sensors


    The MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board is an ideal platform for developing projects and designs with the Raspberry Pi that measure motion, altitude, pressure, as well as detection of magnetic fields and physical position. It features an accelerometer, pressure sensor and a magnetometer, and can also be interfaced with other boards through I²C. The board comes with device drivers and sample codes, making it easy to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of the sensors with the Raspberry Pi.

    Key Applications:

    • Consumer Electronics
    • Imaging, Video & Vision
    • Medical
    • RF Communications
    • Wireless


    • Raspberry Pi compatible connector, (drivers available)
    • Freedom KL25Z compatible connector, (drivers available)
    • Arduino compatible footprint (drivers available)
    • MPL3115 - High-Precision Pressure Sensor [50 to 110kPa, 2.5v]
    • MAG3110 - Low-power 3D Magnetometer
    • MMA8491Q - 3-Axis, Digital Accelerometer

    Ships With

    • MEMS Sensors Board
    • Quick Start Guide

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