Version 21

    This is the second video of our 2013 five-part series Get Started With Pi for Raspberry Pi 2.


    Episodes in this Series:


    Video 1: Unboxing and Setting up the Peripherals

      Exploring the Raspberry Pi

    Video 3: Getting your Pi Online

    Video 4: Your First Pi Project

    Video 5: Exploring Accessories and Projects



    More information about some of the elements highlighted in this video can be found at these online resources:

    • Python and the games that are included on the Pi, check out this great resource for learning (or teaching) how to program: Learn to code Codecademy
    • Scratch - downloads of lesson plans for educators - can be found here: Learn Scratch


    LXTerminal Commands that we talked about in this video:



    "list" displays the contents of the current directory - programs show up in blue, files are displayed in pink
    ls results.png


    "change directory" allows you to change the current directory or folder

    cd ..

    typing cd and then adding a space and two dots moves you back up a directory in the file structure


    "print working directory" will display your current location on the system


    sudo raspi-config

    sudo means "run as super user" - the user "pi" does not have super-user privileges, and that's ok!  raspi-config will open the raspberry pi configuration menu in LXTerminal.