Version 3

    TI Receiver Board bq51013BEVM-764


    WPC 1.1 Compatible Fully Integrated Wireless Power Receiver IC, Evaluation Module






    The bq51013xEVM (HPA764-001 and HPA764-003) wireless power receiver evaluation kit from TI is a high-performance, easy-to-use development kit for the design of wireless power solutions. It helps designers to evaluate the operation and performance of the bq51013A and bq51013B, 5V power supply for wireless power transfer. The bq51013A and bq51013B devices provide the AC/DC power conversion and regulation while integrating the digital control required to comply with the Qi communication protocol. The kit speeds up the development of end-use applications.



    • Highly Integrated Wireless Power Receiver
    • Supports 20-V Maximum Input
    • Low-power dissipative rectifier over-voltage clamp
    • Thermal Shutdown, over-voltage and over current protection
    • Multifunction NTC and Control Pin for Temperature Monitoring, Charge complete and Fault Host Control
    • Stand-alone Digital Controller


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