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    • S12 MagniV S12ZVM Mini Board for Sensorless Motor Control
    • S12 MagniV S12ZVM Mini Board for Sensorless Motor Control
    • S12 MagniV S12ZVM Mini Board for Sensorless Motor Control


    The S12ZVML-MINIBRD board provides a low cost and easy to use motor control evaluation and development platform. The kit includes both the hardware and software needed to get your variable speed motor up and running quickly with the included software libraries and development tools. The S12ZVML-MINIBRD board features the S12 MagniV S12ZVM 16-bit MCU that integrates an automotive voltage regulator, a LIN physical interface and a gate driver unit able to drive up to six external MOSFETs.

    The S12ZVML-MINIBRD is a small footprint board designed for 3-phase BLDC and PMSM sensorless motor control applications as well as DC applications requiring load switching and load current monitoring and can be controlled using LIN and FreeMASTER. An integral part of the S12ZVML-MINIBRD board support package is the application software which provides a complete reference implementation of a motor control application and takes advantage of the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set.

    The S12ZVM family is part of the S12 MagniV portfolio of mixed-signal MCUs offering smart and optimized integration of high-voltage analog components. This family is built upon LL18UHV technology that combines highly reliable 180 nm non-volatile memory along with the integration of high-voltage analog components on a single piece of silicon. These high-voltage analog components are capable of withstanding the rigorous requirements of the automotive environment, which can occur during load dump conditions. The S12ZVM product family integrates an automotive voltage regulator operating between 3.5 and 40 volts, a LIN physical layer and a gate drive unit made of three low-side and three high-side drivers to control up to six external MOSFETs.

    Key Applications: Motor Control (Brushed DC Motor, Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)


    • MC9S12ZVML128 MCU
    • Power supply voltage in the range of -25 V to 25 V, nominal 12 V
    • Reverse battery protection
    • Load current in range of -10 A to 10 A
    • Load current monitoring
    • Boost circuitry designed to allow driving Vgs = 10 V MOSFETs from a 3.5 V power supply
    • On-board charge pumps to allow driving the high side MOSFETs
    • Analog and digital inputs for target application control and monitoring
    • FreeMASTER enabled
    • LIN enabled
    • BDM enabled
    • OSBDM enabled:
      • Download and debug MCU code
      • Virtual serial line (USB to SCI)
    • Board size of 5 cm x 9 cm:
      • MC9S12ZVML128 related part size of 5 cm x 5 cm
      • OSBDM related part size of 5 cm x 4 cm

    Ships With

    • S12ZVML-MINIBRD board
    • Power supply cable
    • USB cable
    • Insert card with the board support package information

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