Version 2

    Hirose have introduced the DFDF64 - Compact.jpg64 series connector system to meet the requirement for small connectors for the LED lighting market and power supply applications.


    The multifunctional connector is applicable for board-to-wire power supply connections and board-to-board ‘bridge’ connections. Only one type of receptacle is needed, irrespective of whether the cable plug or board mount plug is used, allowing a reduction in the number of components needed.


    The connection system can be applied with 5A (amps) maximum current rating when using AWG18 cable size. The creepage distance is a minimum of 3.2mm between the contacts allowing a 350V voltage rating to be applied.


    The board-to-wire connector utilises a unique stress free, side locking structure that is a user friendly, innovative, locking mechanism that allows a higher cable pull retention force. The lock provides a consistent and positive tactile click, this ensures the connector is fully engaged guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection.  In the mated condition, the contacts touch together in two different areas providing high contact reliability.


    The board-to-board ‘bridge’ connector has a floating structure to allow a movement tolerance of +/-0.5mm for the X axis direction, and 2mm (max) for the Y axis direction allowing greater flexibility during the installation process.


    Key Features


    • Contact positions: 2 & 3
    • Current rating: 5A (max)
    • Pitch: 4.5mm
    • Voltage rating: AC/DC 350V
    • Cable size: AWG18 - 22
    • Temperature rating: -55°C - +105°C
    • Halogen free product


    Suitable applications are LED lighting, automotive headlamps, medical devices, FA controllers and other power supplies.



    For more information please contact Hirose.