Version 34
    • Eclipse-based development environment, providing industry-standard plug-ins and methodology
    • Packaged with extras for a complete tool kit (flash memory programmers are integrated into almost every CodeWarrior product)
    • Configured with the appropriate capability for each NXP processor type and target market:
      • Linux® OS awareness built into the debugger for Power Architecture® tools
      • MQX™ awareness built into MCU tools
    • Works with simulators and advanced analysis tools, including:
      • Simulation
      • Profiling
      • Performance analysis
    • NXP CodeWarrior tools connect seamlessly with the advanced hardware features of NXP processors, including:
      • Hardware breakpoints
      • Hardware trace
      • On-chip data capture buffers
      • Advanced debug control
    • NXP offers multicore-capable CPUs and DSPs to provide experience across multiple architectures. CodeWarrior tools are multicore-capable from the ground up for complete multicore support.

    NXP's software and development solutions take you beyond the silicon, helping to bring your embedded applications to life. CodeWarrior Development Studio is a complete integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides a highly visual and automated framework to accelerate the development of the most complex embedded applications. CodeWarrior development tools provide the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle.

    CodeWarrior is a multi-host, multi-language, multi-target GUI interface integrated development environment (IDE), providing software solutions for NXP's microcontrollers and digital signal processors and controllers. In addition, CodeWarrior tools support software development tools for NXP embedded solutions.

    In the CodeWarrior toolset, the Editor, Compiler, Linker, Debugger, and other software modules operate within an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE. The IDE oversees the control and execution of the tools. It provides an interface to the tools that is consistent and predictable.

    The CodeWarrior IDE is composed of the following:

    Project Manager - Manipulating source, library, resource, and other files stored in a project: The Project Manager can handle projects as small as "Hello World!" and as large and complex as CodeWarrior itself. You can use CodeWarrior to manage any kind of project, not just source code.

    Editor - Create and modify source code: The Editor is a complete editing environment that can handle any text file. Customizable syntax coloring clearly identifies keywords for all supported languages.

    Search Engine - The Search Engine searches any text file or group of files and replace text.

    Source Browser - Manage and view program symbols: The Source Browser is a powerful navigation and editing tool for all supported languages.

    Build System - Compiles, linkers and assemblers convert source code into an executable file for a given target platform. Its plug-in architecture allows third parties to write their own tools that integrate with the CodeWarrior IDE. This mechanism is similar to how third-party plug-ins add capabilities to a Web browser.

    Debugger - The Debugger enables you to view your source code, either as is or in assembly. Using the Debugger, you can set breakpoints, watch specific variables change, and move line-by-line through your program.

    Processor Expert - CodeWarrior Development Suites can also come with Processor Expert. Processor Expert is a rapid application design tool integrated into the CodeWarrior tool suite that combines easy-to-use component-based application creation with an expert knowledge system. This tool enables component-oriented programming, provides tested, ready-to-use code and delivers instant functionality of generated code.

    NXP has a broad line of CodeWarrior development tools and offers these in suites. Each CodeWarrior Development Suite contains a number of CodeWarrior products. CodeWarrior Suites can be purchased in a variety of configurations including Node Locked or Floating licenses, and 12-month renewable or permanent licenses. CodeWarrior Development suites allow ready access to any or all of the CodeWarrior products contained within each suite. This means you can license the entire portfolio of CodeWarrior tools within the suite you purchase. Each suite also contains all functionality of the products in the suites below it.

    Purchase Only the Functionality You Require
    CodeWarrior Editions vary depending on product. (Read more about CodeWarrior Licensing & Registration.)

    • Evaluation Editions
    • Free download version used risk-free for a limited time to familiarize yourself with the CodeWarrior IDE environment.
    • Special Edition
    • Fully functional, free download versions with code size restrictions on the build chain. Edition is pre-licensed with no time restriction.
    • Basic Edition
    • Compiler upgrades to special editions, Linux applications editions and flash programmers.
    • Standard Edition
    • Fully functional version of the CodeWarrior Development Studio with unlimited code size.
    • Professional Edition
    • Extends the standard edition to include advanced beans for Processor Expert, profile analysis and code coverage, and a PC Lint plug-in.
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