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    • OLED1 Xplained Pro Extension Board
    • OLED1 Xplained Pro Extension Board


    Atmel® OLED1 Xplained Pro (ATOLED1-XPRO) is an extension board to the Atmel Xplained Pro evaluation platform. The board enables the user to experiment with user interface applications with buttons, LEDs and a display.

    The OLED1 Xplained Pro provides a 128x32 OLED display, 3 LEDs and 3 push buttons. The OLED display is controlled via a SPI interface up to 100MHz. OLED1 Xplained Pro connects to any Xplained Pro standard extension header on any Xplained Pro MCU board.

    Atmel OLED1 Xplained Pro has been designed to be connected to the Xplained Pro header marked EXT3. Once the Xplained Pro MCU board is powered the green power LED will be lit and Atmel Studio will auto detect which Xplained Pro MCU- and extension board(s) that is connected. You will be presented with relevant information like datasheets and kit documentation. You also have the option to launch Atmel Software Framework (ASF) example applications. The target device is programmed and debugged by the on-board Embedded Debugger. No external programmer or debugger tool is needed.

    Xplained Pro is an evaluation platform that provides the full Atmel microcontroller experience. The platform consists of a series of Microcontroller (MCU) boards and extension boards that are integrated with Atmel Studio, have Atmel Software Framework (ASF) drivers and demo code, support data streaming and more. Xplained Pro MCU boards support a wide range of Xplained Pro extension boards that are connected through a set of standardized headers and connectors. Each extension board has an identification (ID) chip to uniquely identify which boards are mounted on a Xplained Pro MCU board. This information is used to present relevant user guides, application notes, datasheets and example code through Atmel Studio.

    Key Applications: User Interface



    • Compatible with the Xplained Pro extension headers
    • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio 6.1
    • OLED display 128x32 (SPI)
    • 3 LEDs
    • 3 push buttons
    • Supported with application examples in Atmel Software Framework

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    • OLED1 Xplained Pro Extension Board

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