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    The Microchip’s DM183032 low-cost demo board is for evaluation of PIC18 MCU families. The PIC18 is our highest performance 8-bit architecture and has three different families: standard PIC18, PIC18 J-series and PIC18 K-series. This single development board supports dozens of the general purpose PIC18 families using various processor Plug-In Modules (PIMs). PICtail daughter boards enable many different accessory boards to connect to the PIC18 Explorer board for a flexible and complete development environment. This board is the ideal complement to the MPLAB® PICkit 3 or ICD 3 debugger and programmer for a full-featured, economical, PIC18 development environment.

    There are various Plug-in modules (PIM) & Daughter Cards available for PIC18 Processor Explorer Board. PIMs plug into the PIC18 Explorer Board for evaluating other processor families and Daughter Cards are accessory boards connect to the PIC18 Explorer including PICtail boards for Ethernet, ZigBee, CAN, and Temperature Sensing like:

    AC164122: PICtail board for SD and MMC - The PICtail Daughter Board for SD and MMC cards is a universal board that links the Secure Digital (SD) and Multi-Media Card (MMC) to the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus of the microcontroller. This PICtail board is designed to operate with many demonstration boards, including all those having PICtail signals, those with PICtail Plus signals (utilizing the card-edge connectors like the Explorer 16), and those with non-standard PICtail signals.

    AC320011: M2M PICTail Plus Daughter Board - Microchip’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) PICtail Daughter Board based upon u-blox GPS and GSM/GPRS modules makes it easy to create low-cost M2M applications with location-awareness capabilities. The daughter board can be interfaced with Microchip’s Multimedia Expansion Board and a PIC32 starter kit to provide developers with a turn-key platform to get started with apps such as texting, email and GPS.

    Key Applications: Battery Management, EMC Design, Low Power, Mechatronics, mTouch™ Sensing Solutions, Segmented LCD Solutions.


    MultiplePIC18 processors, both a PIC18F8722 on board (128KB Flash, 80 pins, superset of traditional PIC18 family), and a PIC18F87J11 Plug-In Module (128KB Flash, 80-pins, superset of J-series, PIM adjusts to accommodate 3V device). A switch selects the desired processor.

    • Supports many other PIC18 devices with Plug-In Modules, supporting 28 to 80-pin PIC18 devices
    • PICtail ™ daughter board connector for connection to standard expansion boards such as Ethernet, speech playback, and the many different sensors
    • Expansion connector accesses full device pin-out and breadboard prototype area
    • Convenient connection for MPLAB PICkit 3, ICD 3 or REAL ICE for in-circuit programming and debugging
    • Alpha-numeric LCD display
    • USB interface for USB to RS-232 communication
    • 25LC256 SPI EEPROM
    • Crystal oscillator
    • Potentiometer (connected to 10-bit A/D, analog input channel)
    • Analog output temperature sensor
    • Power supply connector and programmable voltage regulator, capable of operation from 2.0V to 5.5V
    • Demo software including temperature sensor demo included (illustrates Microchip’s analog temperature sensor MPC9701A) and 32 kHz crystal for Real Time Clock demonstration

    Ships With

    • DM183032: PIC18 Explorer Board

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