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    Evaluation board for SAM4L


    This kit lets designers quickly evaluate and develop code for applications running on Atmel SAM4L microcontrollers. The board features an embedded debugger, dedicated circuitry to measure the power consumption of your application, LCD, USB, capacitive touch functionality and much more. It also offers expansion headers to plug in Atmel extension boards so you can easily add gyrometers, accelerometers, Wifi and Zigbee to your SAM4L-EK.


    • ATSAM4LC4C Cortex-M4 device
    • Board monitor with OLED color display, power measurement stage for ATSAM4LC4C power, joystick and five LEDS
    • Segger J-Link OB Module (embedded debugger)
    • QTouch slider and button
    • Segment LCD (4x40)
    • USB host and device
    • Wireless 10-pin interface
    • SPI serial Flash (AT25DF641A)
    • Sensor Xplained support
    • Light sensor
    • Reset push button
    • Audio jack connector
    • User input push button
    • RS485 connector

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