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    • In circuit debugger / programmer for 8-bit and 32-bit AVR devices
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    The AVR Dragon sets a new standard for low cost development tools for 8-bit and 32-bit AVR devices with On Chip Debug (OCD) capability. It can perform a symbolic debug on all devices with OCD with SPI, JTAG, PDI (selected devices), high voltage serial programming, parallel programming, and aWire modes, and supports debugging using SPI, JTAG, PDI interfaces.

    A development area lets designers build their own circuitry or add sockets for the desired device footprint. The debugger also supports NanoTrace, depending on the OCD module on the AVR device, using the target device's memory.

    Note: Atmel AVR XMEGA PDI mode on AVR Dragon does NOT work for the following XMEGA devices: A3/D3 - revisions B, C and E or A1 (up to revision K).


    • Supports up to 3 hardware program breakpoints or 1 maskable data breakpoint (depending on the OCD module on the AVR device)
    • Supports up to 32 software breakpoints
    • On-board 128kB SRAM for fast statement-level stepping
    • Robust level converters support 1.8V to 5.5V target operation
    • Uploads 256Kb code in ~60 seconds (XMEGA using JTAG interface)
    • Full-speed USB 2.0 compliant host interface (12 MB/s)
    • Firmware upgradeable for supporting future AVR devices
    • Supports NanoTrace (depending on the OCD module on the AVR device; uses target device's memory)
    • USB powered, and capable of sourcing power to an external target

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