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    Cyclone Pro, in-circuit debugger / programmer for NXP MCUs


    The Cyclone PRO is a powerful stand-alone in-circuit programmer and debug interface for NXP’s HC08, HCS08, HC(S)12(X), RS08, and ColdFire /V1 architectures. The Cyclone is able to control a processor using its debug port, which allows the user to quickly debug code and program it onto the MCU. Communication with the PC occurs via Ethernet, USB or serial port. Once the Cyclone is configured, programming operations may be completed in one touch with or without a PC.

    The Cyclone’s flexibility and intuitive software allow for a seamless transition between development and production environments. The Cyclone and the target being debugged may be local to the PC or connected remotely via Ethernet. Multiple Cyclones on your network can easily be detected and controlled from the same PC. In addition, the Cyclone PRO has been specifically designed with features like voltage protection technology in order to withstand the rigors of a production environment.

    For debugging, prototyping and other development projects, the Cyclone can be used in interactive mode as a robust hardware debug interface between the PC and the MCU. A header is generally mounted on the MCU’s PCB which facilitates the in-circuit debug and programming. The Cyclone is supported by P&E’s development software, NXP’s Codewarrior and other third-party software (available separately).

    In stand-alone mode, the Cyclone PRO is configured and loaded with one or more programming images. Control of the Cyclone may then be automated using a PC (e.g., for large production runs), or the Cyclone can be operated independently of the PC (e.g., for field updates). An LCD screen facilitates configuration and operation of the unit. The display’s menu-based navigation allows the user to easily select the image to be programmed when the Cyclone PRO contains multiple programming images.

    Hardware Features

    • Ethernet, USB and serial communication Interfaces
    • Supports extremely fast communication speeds
    • LCD screen
    • CompactFlash interface for expanded memory
    • Multi-voltage support for targets ranging from 1.8 to 5.5 volts
    • Production environment ready with voltage protection technology
    • Allows switching of the target’s power supply
    • Able to provide power to the target via the debug connection (BDM or MON08)

    Flash Programming Highlights

    • Supported by NXP’s CodeWarrior, P&E and third-party software (available separately)
    • Supports a variety of NXP architectures
    • Highly intuitive, fast in-circuit flash programming
    • Capable of programming internal and external flash
    • Multiple image support for programming of different images during production runs
    • Trimming capabilities
    • PC-controlled and stand-alone functions for programming and testing of units on production lines


    • Supports: all HC08, HCS08, HC12, HC(S)12(X), ColdFire /V1 and RS08
    • Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces
    • Fast in-circuit flash programming
    • Scripting capability automates programming of test routines, test execution, erase and final SW programming
    • Auto-detects baud rate and frequency of target MCU
    • Provides optional overdrive clock to target MCU
    • Automatically cycles power for security checks (up to 500 mA)
    • Supports 1.8 to 5.5 volts

    Ships With

    • Cyclone Pro Universal Standalone In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
    • Power Supply
    • DB9 Serial Cable
    • USB 2.0 A/B Cable
    • Ethernet Cable
    • IDE connection cables (6-pin and 16-pin)


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