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    • Vybrid Controller Solutions Tower System Professional Kit
    • Vybrid Controller Solutions Tower System Professional Kit


    Vybrid controller solutions utilize ARM® Cortex™-A5 and optional ARM Cortex-M4 together with a peripheral set commonly required for control and communications in a broad range of industrial applications. To facilitate evaluation and development, the NXP Tower System offers the TWR-VF65GS10 processor module, based on the Vybrid VF6xx dual heterogeneous core solution.

    This processor module (TWR-VF65GS10) can operate as a standalone debug tool or as part of an assembled Tower System development platform (TWR-VF65GS10-PRO) . Add full support from MQX™ RTOS Software Solutions, Timesys Linux® BSP and the ARM® DS-5™ Starter Kit for Vybrid Controller Tower System module and your next application-rich design is at your fingertips. For more robust functionality, try the TWR-VF65GS10 as part of an assembled Tower System kit. Create your own kit by selecting peripheral modules based on the features and functionality you need. Each kit comes with the free ARM DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controller Tower System module.

    TWR-SER2 serial module enables high-speed connectivity through dual Ethernet and high-speed USB. This peripheral module provides Tower System designs with additional interfaces that are commonly required by feature-rich MPUs, including USB and dual-Ethernet, along with traditional CAN and RS485 features.

    The TWR-ELEV Elevator modules are the basic building block of the NXP Tower System. Designed to connect MCU and peripheral modules, the Elevator modules provide the power regulation circuitry and structural integrity needed for all configurations of an assembled Tower System.

    TWR-LCD-RGB Graphical LCD module brings graphical display to your designs and includes RGB interfacing. Mounted on the outside of the secondary elevator module, this peripheral module lets you see your designs come to life on a 4.3" WQVGA TFT LCD panel.

    Key Applications: Appliances with motors and pumps, Building control (Elevator and automated doors) , Energy grid protection (Circuit breakers, monitors and hubs) , Industrial pumps and fans, Infrastructure control (Water treatment and gas pipelines), Kiosks with 2D displays, Mobile patient care (Infusion pumps and respirators), Motor drives, Power inverters, Service robots.


    • Vybrid VF61NS151CMK50 processor (dual-core ARM Cortex-A5 at 500 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 at 167 MHz, 1.0 MB of SRAM, 512 KB of L2 cache, dual Ethernet, dual USB, advanced security)
    • Kinetis K20DX128VFM5-based OpenSDA circuit
    • 1 Gb x 16 (128 MB) DDR3 in 96 FBGA package (Samsung)
    • 2 Gb x 16 (256 MB) NAND flash (Micron)
    • Two 128 Mb (16 MB) quad I/O serial flash (Spansion)
    • Dual USB with on-chip PHY
    • Interfaces to TWR-LCD-RGB board
    • Four user-controlled status LEDs
    • Two mechanical push buttons for user input and one for reset
    • Potentiometer and MMA8451Q 3-axis digital accelerometer
    • Micro SD card slot
    • Independent battery-operated power supply for real-time clock and tamper detection module
    • Enablement Solutions
      • ARM DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controller Tower System module/kit
      • Timesys Linux BSP
      • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
      • Processor Expert (PEx)
      • PEG Graphical User Interface Solutions
      • Qt UI Framework

    Ships With

    • TWR-VF65GS10 module
    • TWR-SER2 Enhanced Serial module (dual Ethernet)
    • TWR-LCD-RGB Graphical LCD module
    • TWR-ELEV Elevator modules
    • Quick Start Guide
    • FREE ARM DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controller Tower System module (1 year, non-renewable, 256 KB code size limitation)

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