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    • Industrial I/O Tower System Module
    • Industrial I/O Tower System Module
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    The Tower System's Industrial I/O module (TWR-IND-IO) effectively brings you face-to-face with all the I/O you could ever need, including RS-232, RS-485, dual CAN transceivers and so much more.

    As is standard with all Tower System modules, this peripheral module is interchangeable across the modular development platform it can be used with a variety of existing controller modules and can be additionally paired with the TWR-SER peripheral module for even more industrial I/O interfacing.

    Key Application: Tower System modules


    • Industrial I/O options: input, output or both
    • USB to Serial Ready Play solution, providing serial connectivity via USB
    • RS-232 transceiver with available flow control signaling
    • RS-485 transceiver with optional isolation and PROFIBUS capability
    • Dual CAN transceivers
    • Analog signals accessible via screw terminals: 3x ADC, 1x DAC,VDDA, VSSA
    • Digital signals accessible via LEDs and thru-hole points: 6x PWM,3x timer
    • Signal jumpers to allow isolation, probing and remapping of interfaces
    • Compatible with the TWR-SER to provide access to additional industrial I/O interfaces

    Ships With

    • TWR-IND-IO Board

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