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    • controlCARD with Piccolo TMS320F28069MPZT, InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION enabled
    • controlCARD with Piccolo TMS320F28069MPZT, InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION enabled


    Featuring the TMS320F28069M MCU, capable of running the InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION solutions from on-chip ROM, the TMDSCNCD28069MISO controlCARD provides a convenient and standardized hardware interface to begin experimentation with the latest motor control technology from Texas Instruments.

    C2000™ controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are a unique set of daughter cards enabling experimentation with C2000’s broad portfolio of MCUs for device evaluation and application development. Designed with a DIM100 or larger, plug-in connector, controlCARDs are easily interchangeable throughout C2000’s collection of development kits, giving users the ability to experiment with various C2000 MCUs in order to find the right MCU fit for an application. controlCARDs give access to all digital I/Os, analog I/Os, and JTAG signals from the C2000 MCU, providing a simple, modular, and standardized board-level interface to the C2000 MCU.

    The F2806x Piccolo family of microcontrollers provides the power of the C28x core and Control Law Accelerator (CLA) coupled with highly integrated control peripherals in low pin-count devices. This family is code-compatible with previous C28x-based code, as well as providing a high level of analog integration. An internal voltage regulator allows for single-rail operation. Enhancements have been made to the HRPWM module to allow for dual-edge control (frequency modulation). Analog comparators with internal 10-bit references have been added and can be routed directly to control the PWM outputs. The ADC converts from 0 to 3.3-V fixed full scale range and supports ratio-metric VREFHI/VREFLO references. The ADC interface has been optimized for low overhead and latency.

    Key Applications: Motor Control technology


    • Piccolo TMS320F28069M MCU featuring motor control libraries in on-chip ROM
    • Isolated USB JTAG Interface (XDS100v2)
    • Standard 100-pin DIMM interface
    • Analog I/O, digital I/O, JTAG signals at DIMM interface
    • Single 5V power rail for full operation

    Ships With

    • F28069MISO controlCARD

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