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    High performance USB-based emulator


    Analog Devices’ cost-effective High performance (HP) Universal Serial Bus (USB)-based emulator provides an easy, portable, non-intrusive, target-based debugging solution for Analog Devices JTAG processors and DSPs. These powerful USB-based emulator performs a wide range of emulation functions, including single-step and full speed execution with pre-defined breakpoints, and viewing and/or altering of register and memory contents. With the ability to automatically detect and support multiple I/O voltages, the USB and HP USB emulators enable users to communicate with all of the Analog Devices JTAG processors and DSPs using either a full speed USB 1.1 or high speed USB 2.0 port on the host PC. Applications and data can easily and rapidly be tested and transferred between the emulators and the separately available VisualDSP development and debugging environment(sold separately).

    The plug-and-play architecture of USB allows the emulators to be automatically detected and configured by the host operating system. It can also be connected to and disconnected from the host without opening the PC or turning off the power to the PC. A 3-meter cable is included to connect the emulators to the host PC, thus providing abundant accessibility to hard to reach targets.

    The HP USB-based emulator also supports the Background Telemetry Channel (BTC), a non-intrusive method for exchanging data between the host and target application without affecting the target system's real-time characteristics.


    • High speed USB 2.0 interface enabling download speeds of up to 1.5MB/sec
    • Background Telemetry Channel (BTC) support enabling non-intrusive data exchange at up to 2.0 MB/sec
    • 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V compliant and tolerant
    • Support for all ADI JTAG processors and DSPs
    • 5V tolerant and 3.3V compliant for 5V processors and DSP
    • Multiprocessor support
    • 14-pin JTAG connector
    • 3-meter USB cable for difficult-to-reach targets
    • CE-certified

    Ships With

    • USB-based Emulator w/ 14-pin JTAG connector
    • USB cable

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