Version 14
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    • 3V or 5V operation
    • Potentiometer for volume control
    • 4th order Low Pass Filter
    • Mono output via on-board speaker or stereo output via headphones
    • Shutdown control of power amplifier
    • On-board 250 Kbit SPI Serial EEPROM for voice storage

    The Speech Playback PICtail Plus Daughter Board is for evaluation and development of speech recording and playback applications using Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM). The daughter board is designed to interface with both the PICtail interface used on many PIC16 and PIC18 evaluation boards and the PICtail Plus card edge connector used on PIC24 and dsPIC evaluation boards.

    To get started, an HPC or PIC18 Explorer Board with a PIC18F87J1x or PIC18F8722 microcontroller, or an Explorer 16 Development Board with a PIC24F microcontroller is needed. The headers on the Speech Playback PICtail Plus Daughter Board allow insertion in the development boards in only one orientation. The demonstration software implements a talking thermometer using the TC74 temperature sensor on the HPC Explorer Board, PIC18 Explorer Board or the TC1047A temperature sensor on the Explorer 16 Development Board.
    Key Applications: Audio, Portable Devices
    • PICtail Plus Daughter Board
    Applications LibraryADPCM and Speex (Audio) Library for PIC32 MCUs (.zip)