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    • ARM9 CPU CORE MODULE based on AT91SAM9G15
    • ARM9 CPU CORE MODULE based on AT91SAM9G15


    The Atmel MBC-SAM9G15 ARM9 Board is an ARM embedded board produced by Embest, integrate the Atmel ARM926EJ-S-based processor AT91SAM9G15, operating at 400MHz frequency, and can support WinCE and Linux. The board has 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash, 64KB Serial EEPROM, 128B one-wire EEPROM.

    The SAM9G15, based on the ARM926EJ-S™ processor, runs at 400 MHz and integrates a rich set of peripherals to support embedded industrial applications that require advanced user interfaces and high-speed communication. The SAM9G15 features a graphics LCD controller with 4-layer overlay and 2D acceleration (picture-in-picture, alpha-blending, scaling, rotation, color conversion), and a 10-bit ADC that supports 4/5-wire resistive touchscreen panels. Multiple communication interfaces include a soft modem supporting exclusively the Conexant SmartDAA line driver, HS USB Host and Device and FS USB Host with dedicated onchip transceivers, two HS SDCard/SDIO/MMC interfaces, USARTs, SPIs, I2S and TWIs.

    Key Applications: Building Automation (Comfort and Control, Fire and Security, Telecare), Home Appliances (Cooking, Refrigeration, Washing), Home Entertainment (Audio, Remote Control, Video), Industrial Automation (Human Machine Interface, Industrial Communications, Instruments, PLC and I/O Modules), Metering (In-Home Display Units), PC Peripherals (Audio I/O Devices, Large I/O Devices)


    • ARM926EJ-S™ ARM® Thumb® Processor running at up to 400 MHz @ 1.0V /- 10%
    • 16 Kbyte Data Cache, 16 Kbyte Instruction Cache, Memory Management Unit
    • One 64 KByte internal ROM embedding bootstrap routine: Boot on NandFlash, SDCard, Dataflash or serial dataflash
    • Programmable order
    • One 32 KByte internal SRAM, single-cycle access at system speed
    • External 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash, 64KB Serial EEPROM,128B one-wire EEPROM

    Ships With

    • Atmel MBC-SAM9G15 Core Board

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