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    • RS08KB Demonstration Board
    • RS08KB Demonstration Board


    The 8-bit DEMO9RS08KB12 demonstration kit soldered with 20SOIC KB12, comes with everything required to complete an entire entry-level project using the RS08KB. The perfect solution that allows you to develop your next cost-effective application.

    The DEMO9RS08KB12 is a demonstration board for the MC9RS08KB12 microcontroller. Application development is quick and easy with the integrated USB-BDM, sample software tools, and examples. An optional BDM_PORT port is also provided to allow use of a BDM_PORT cable. A 36-pin MCU Port connector provides access to all IO signals on the target MCU.

    The DEMO9RS08KB12 board features an integrated BDM. The integrated USB BDM supports application development and debugging via background debug mode. The integrated BDM is fully supported by CodeWarrior development tools.

    Application development and debug for the target MC9RS08KB12 is supported through the integrated Background Debug Mode (BDM) interface. An optional 6-pos BDM_PORT header allows connecting an external HCS12/HCS08 BDM cable. The BDM_PORT header is not installed in default configurations.

    The integrated USB BDM provides power and ground to the target board eliminating the need to power the board externally. Power from the USB BDM is derived from the USB bus. The integrated USB BDM is designed to sink a maximum of 300mA of current from the USB bus. Therefore, total current consumption for the target board, and connected circuitry, must not exceed 300mA. This current limit describes the current supplied by the USB cable to the BDM circuit, the target board, and any connected circuitry. Excessive current drain will violate the USB specification causing the bus to disconnect. Damage to the host PC USB hub or the target board may result.

    The RS08KB 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) family features an integrated peripheral set that includes a highly efficient RS08 core to support interrupt capability, helping to improve system performance and save additional components costs.

    Key Applications: Consumer (Small Appliances, Toys, Handheld Instruments), Industrial (Lighting Control, Battery Chargers and Management, Simple Logic Replacements, Low-End Thermal Controlled BLDC Fans)


    • MC9S08KB12, 20 SOIC
      • 12K Bytes Flash
      • 256 Bytes RAM
      • 12Ch, 10-bit ADC
      • 2-Ch, Timer/PWM
      • Internal Clock Source
      • 18 GPIO
    • Optional 32 kHz XTAL (not installed)
    • Integrated USB-BDM
    • BDM_PORT header for BDM cable support (not installed)
    • MCU_PORT socket header for access to MCU IO signals
    • On-board 5V regulator
    • Power Input Selection Jumpers
      • Power input from USB-BDM
      • Power input from Barrel connector and onboard regulator
      • Power Input from connector J1
      • Optional Power output through Connector J1
    • User Components Provided
      • Push Switches; 2 User, 1 Reset
      • LED Indicators; 2 User, VDD, D300
      • 5K ohm POT w /LP Filter
      • Light Sensor w/ Amplifier
    • Jumpers
      • Power Select
      • VSEL
      • VX_EN
      • USER_EN
      • COM_EN
      • VPPE
    • Connectors
      • 40-pin MCU I/O Connector
      • 2.0mm Barrel Connector
      • BDM_PORT (not installed)
      • USB Connectors
      • DB9 Connector
    • Specifications:
      • Board Size 3.5” x 3.0”

    Ships With

    • DEMO9RS08KB12 Board and USB Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Getting Started DVD

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