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    • MPC5604E Evaluation Board
    • MPC5604E Evaluation Board


    The MPC5604EEVB64 Evaluation Board (EVB) is based on the e200z0 Power Architecture®. This board is shipped with the PPC5604EEMLH 64-pin LQFP MCU populated to allow the evaluation of the full functionality of this part. This board is designed as a validation platform with the maximum flexibility. Where possible it is also designed for power and speed but the primary goal of this system is to allow main usecases of this processor.

    The MPC5604E processor is the fundamental control chip on the MPC5604EEVB64. This is a version 1 Power Architecture running at a maximum core speed of 64 MHz. The MPC5604EEVB64 allows you to fully evaluate the feature set of the MPC5604E MCU. The EVB requires an external power supply voltage of 12V DC, minimum 1A. This allows the EVB to be easily used in a vehicle if required. The single input voltage is regulated on-board using switching regulators to provide the necessary EVB and MCU operating voltages of 5.0 V, 3.3 V and 1.2 V.

    The MPC5604E is part of the Qorivva MPC5500/560 family of microcontrollers (MCUs) and contains a Book E-compliant core, built on Power Architecture technology, with variable-length encoding (VLE). This core complies with the Power Architecture embedded category, and is 100 percent user mode-compatible with the original PowerPC user instruction set architecture (UISA).

    Key Applications: Automotive, Safety and Chassis Control Applications


    • A 12VDC power supply input barrel connector
    • Standard 14-pin ONCE JTAG debug connector
    • Video Encoder Wrapper connected to Omnivision connector supporting Omnivision camera evaluation boards
    • Serial Audio Interface connected to the Audio connector supporting NXP Sahara SGTL5000 daughter card
    • Onboard ethernet physical interface MII lite connector
    • FlexCAN channel routed to the prototyping area with DB9 connectors to allow additions CAN physical interface to be easily integrated
    • Crystal / clock
    • One LIN and one UART interface selectable through Jumper setting
    • External Interrupts
    • ADC connector
    • LINFLEX Molex Connector and 0.1" 4pin header are available

    Ships With

    • MPC5604EEVB Board
    • P&E Debugger and all power supply cables
    • 10 Shunts
    • 20 zero ohms resistors for future reconfiguration
    • CD: P&E Power Architecture® NEXUS driver and resource CD
    • Documentation
    • Warranty Card

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