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    • MC9S12G64 Automotive 16-bit Tower System Module
    • MC9S12G64 Automotive 16-bit Tower System Module


    The TWR-S12G64 is a demonstration Board for the MC9S12G64 automotive 16-bit MCUs. An integrated open-source BDM, software tools, and examples provided with the development board make application development and debug quick and easy. All MCU signals are available on one or both edge connectors.

    The TWR-S12G64 operates as a standalone debug tool and can also be combined and used as part of the modular Tower System development platform (TWR-S12G64-KIT) which contains Tower System Elevator Module (TWR-ELEV) and Prototyping Module with perfboard area Tower System Module(TWR-PROTO).

    The MC9S12G is an optimized, automotive, 16-bit MCU product line focused on low-cost, high-performance and low pin-count. The MC9S12G is suited for generic automotive applications requiring CAN or LIN/SAE J2602 communication.

    Key Applications: Automotive (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Lighting, Doors Window Lift and Seat Control, Actuators, Remote Keyless Entry, Occupant Detection, Central Gateway / In-Vehicle Networking) , Industrial (HVAC Building and Control Systems)


    • MC9S12G64, 64 LQFP
    • 64 KB flash, 2048B EEPROM, 4096B RAM
    • 25 MHz Bus Frequency
    • Internal oscillator
    • Integrated open-source BDM (OSBDM)
    • 1 ea. high-speed CAN Physical Layer Transceiver
    • 1 ea, Enhanced LIN Physical Layer Transceiver
    • RS-232 Serial Data Physical Layer Transceiver
    • Power input from OSBDM, Tower System, or External 12V Barrel Connector
    • 4 user Push-Button Switches and 4 user LED Indicators
    • 4 2x8, 0.1" ctr, to access to all MCU pin signal
    • Potentiometer with LP filter

    Ships With

    • TWR-S12G64 board with a MC9S12G64 16-bit MCU
    • DVD with IDE software, training materials and collateral
    • USB cable
    • DB9 to IDC 2X5 Socket Header
    • Warranty Card

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