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    • Main Communication Board
    • Main Communication Board


    DM160214 is a main board of lighting communications development platform. It uses a PIC16F1947 microcontroller to run the user interface, LCD control, 4 colour LED drive and the various communications protocols. By changing the firmware and plug on the adapter, a number of lighting communication protocols can be implemented, such as DMX512A and DALI.

    The Lighting Communications Development Platform provides a universal lighting development platform for the creation of communications enabled lighting applications. The platform consists of a main board and various communications interface adapters to support in the development of DALI, DMX512A, as well as future protocols.

    Key Applications: Lighting Applications


    • Populated with PIC16F1947 for user interface, communications, and LED control
      • 4-channel constant current control with RGBW color mixing and dimming
      • Slider potentiometer for dimming control
      • Universal Communications Adapter Interface
      • DALI, DMX512A, and future support
      • Master & Slave support for DALI and DMX512A
      • DALI commissioning and support for custom zones & scenes
      • LCD display & push button user interface
      • Customizable capabilities
    • Populated with MCP6004 op amp for current feedback
    • Populated with MCP16322 for 5V power conversion
    • Populated with Cree XLamp MC-E Color delivering red, green, royal-blue, and white in a single LED—high lumen output in a small form factor
    • Populated with LEDnLIGHT collimator LLC19N optic and holder by Gaggione for high quality color mixing and tight beam control
    • 9–12V Power supply input

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    • Main Communication Board

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