Version 18
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    • Supports Cortex M devices
    • Supports SW debugging
    • Supports JTAG debugging
    • Supports CoFlash, CoIDE, MDK and IAR

    CooCox CoLinkEx is a hardware debugging adapter which supports JTAG & SW debugging with ARM Cortex M devices in CooCox software and Keil RealView MDK.

    CoLinkEx use ARM standard 20 pin, 2.54mm SW/JTAG Interface. Most target board support this interface. The 10pin 2.54mm/2.0mm interface is also supported. You can use the interface to debug ARM Cortex M devices. CoLinkEx communicate and get power from PC through this Mini USB AB interface. When you Installed JP2, CoLinkEx will give the power supply to the target board. CoLinkEx provide 4 LEDs, They show the power status, error, connection, busy status of CoLinkEx.

    Note: If you want to use CoLinkEx with CoIDE 1.4.0(or higher), CoFlash 1.4.0(or higher), CoMDKPlugin 1.4.0(or higher), you need to upgrade the firmware and install CoLinkEx Driver 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 at first.

    • One Debug Adapter:CoLinkEx _V10
    • Two Jumper Caps (Height: 5mm each)
    • One USB Cable (Length: 80cm)
    • One Flat Cable (Length: 20cm)
    • One Plastics Package Box (50*140*25mm)
    • One CD-ROM
    • Documents (CoLinkEx user manual & Packing List)
    User Manual/GuideUser manual for CoLinkEx (.htm)
    Schematics / Layout filesSchematic for CoLinkEx V1.2 (.pdf)   
    Training DocumentHow to update CoLinkEx Firmware
    Schematics / Layout filesCoLinkEx Gerber files
    Design PackageCoLinkEx Firmware
    Design PackageCoLinkEx CMSIS-DAP Firmware
    DriversColinkExUsbDriver: V1.2.1 (.exe)  
    Bill of MaterialsCoLinkEx Bill of Materials (.pdf)

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