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    BeagleBone Ninja Cape Board Based On Atmega328P


    The BeagleBone Ninja Cape features an Atmega328 microcontroller that interfaces with BeagleBone via UART1. This cape is featured in the latest Ninja Blocks, which is a cloud enabled computers that receives input from different sensors. Sensors are connected to the cape via 4 mini-USB ports. Adding cape plug-in boards to the popular BeagleBone computer allows hobbyists, makers and developers to quickly and easily augment BeagleBone’s capabilities with LCD screens, motor control and battery power as well as the ability to create their own circuits.

    The BeagleBone Black has the ability to accept up to four expansion boards or capes that can be stacked onto the expansion headers. The word cape comes from the shape of the board as it is fitted around the Ethernet connector on the main board. This notch acts as a key to insure proper orientation of the cape.

    The majority of capes designed for the original BeagleBone will work on the BeagleBone Black. The two main expansion headers will be populated on the board. There are a few exceptions where certain capabilities may not be present or are limited to the BeagleBone Black. These include:

    • GPMC bus may NOT be available due to the use of those signals by the eMMC. If the eMMC is used for booting only and the file system is on the SD card, then these signals could be used.
    • Another option is to use the SD or serial boot modes and not use the eMMC.
    • The power expansion header is not on the BeagleBone Black so those functions are not supported

    Note: The low battery output LBO signal (mapped to GPIO1_16) and voltage level analog input AIN4 are not supported by the current software.


    • 3.3V/5V via Expansion Connector
    • Two 46-Position Connectors
    • 4 mini-USB Connectors
    • 4 Layers with PCB Thickness .062"

    Ships With

    • BeagleBone Ninja Cape Board

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