Version 36

    The Atmel® Xplained Pro boards provide you with everything you need to start designing new microcontroller- (MCU-) based applications in minutes.

    • Easy to connect — Through an embedded debugger, Xplained Pro boards connect just with a USB cable to a PC for programming and development.
    • Easy to develop with — The boards are automatically recognized by the Atmel Studio 6 integrated development platform (IDP), so you get direct access to example projects and documention.
    • Easy to extend — Hardware extension boards provide easy access to all functionality of the MCU. Atmel Software Framework provides a large set of software drivers and components.

    Xplained Pro kits are available as:

    Evaluation kits — Lowest cost kits starting at $39 for evaluating MCUs and developing with example projects in the Atmel Studio IDP.

    Starter kits — Low-cost bundle of MCU and extension boards starting at $99 for rapid application prototyping and development with Atmel Studio and Atmel Software Framework.

    Extension kits — Boards with additional functionality, connecting to Xplained Pro MCU boards through standardized connectors.

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