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    EDM6070 Embedded Display Module based on the Atmel | SMART SAM9X35 Microprocessor


    The EDM6070AR-01 is an ARM based Single Board Computer (SBC), designed & developed by element14. It comprises of a 7” LCD display and touch screen assembly, integrated with multi-functional embedded hardware based on Atmel | SMART AT91SAM9X35 industrial processor. The EDM6070AR-01 is a fully integrated Embedded Display Module solution for variety of embedded control HMI applications, ready to drop into your product with negligible integration effort, OR to just wrap an enclosure around, add a software application and become your finished product. EDM6070 is designed to fulfil the different requirements of various HMI applications including industrial control terminals, intelligent instruments, data acquisition and analysis, medical products, and network terminals.

    EDM6070AR-01 consists of three parts: a MINI6935 CPU core module, an expansion board, and a 7-inch TFT LCD (800×480) with resistive touchscreen:

    MINI6935 CPU module is an ARM embedded board, integrated with the Atmel | SMART ARM926EJ-S-based processor SAM9X35, operating at 400MHz frequency. The board has 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NAND Flash, 4MB DataFlash, 4KB two-wire EEPROM. The Base Board expands the rich set of connectivity and user interface peripherals of Atmel | SMART SAM9X35 including Ethernet and CAN interface. The board also has TFT touch screen LCD interface, USB hosts/device, Buzzer, RS232, RS485, CAN, SPI, I2C, SD Card, Audio, GPIOs and SD card interface to allow large storage capabilities. LCD Touchscreen Display is a 4-wire resistive touchscreen TFT LCD display with a display resolution of up to 800x480 with 24-bit colour depth.

    The EDM6070AR-01 includes Linux BSP and supports the Linux QT GUI (Graphical User Interface) and multiple file systems like, FAT, NTFS etc. It is also supplied with a Smart Home demo application (include smart-led controller, weather controller, video) and a number of example applications to give you a quick and easy start.

    Key Applications: Medical Product, Industrial Control Terminal, Intelligent Instrument, Family/Building Automation, Network Terminal, Data Acquisition and Analysis


    • Processor
      • Core
        • Atmel | SMART ARM926EJ-S™ 32-bit processor running at up to 400MHz
        • 16KB data cache, 16KB instruction cache, memory management unit
      • Memories
        • 64KB internal ROM and 32KB internal SRAM
        • High bandwidth multi-port DDR2 controller
        • 32-bit external bus interface supporting 8-bank DDR2 memories and static memories
        • MLC/SLC NAND controller, with up to 24-bit Programmable Multi-bit Error Correcting Code (PMECC)
      • Peripherals
        • LCD controller supporting resolution of up to 800×600
        • USB device high speed, USB host high speed and USB host full speed with dedicated on-chip transceiver
        • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC controller
        • Watchdog
        • Two high-speed memory card hosts
        • Two CAN controllers
        • Two SPI interfaces
        • Two 3-channel 32-bit timers/counters
        • SSC controller (I2S)
        • 4-channel 16-bit PWM controller
        • Three I2C interfaces
        • Three USARTs, two UARTs
        • 12-channel 10-bit 1 ADC (Touchscreen)
        • Soft modem
      • I/O
        • Four 32-bit GPIOs, of which 105 programmable I/O lines are multiplexed with up to three peripheral I/Os
      • Package
        • 217-ball BGA, pitch 0.8mm
    • On-Board Memories
      • 256MB NandFlash
      • 128MB SDRAM
      • 4Kb EEPROM
      • 4MB SPI Flash
    • On-Board Interfaces
      • Debugging interface, extended by expansion board
      • 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface, using DM9161CIEP chip, extended by expansion board
      • RS232 interface, 1 RS485 interface, 1 CAN interface
      • 3 GPIO input interfaces, 4 GPIO output interface
      • USB Host high-speed interface
      • USB Device interface
      • TFT LCD interface, supporting 24-bit color depth, 800*480 resolution
      • Audio output interface, supporting playback of MP3 format
      • TF card slot
    • Others
      • I/O interface LED indicator, 2 LED power indicators
      • Buzzer
      • I/O button, 1 reset button
      • RTC (no battery by default)
      • WatchDog
    • Electrical Features
      • Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 70°C
      • Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C
      • Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
      • Power Supply: 3.3V/1.25A
      • Electrical Standards: CE, FCC and CCC
      • PCB Layers: 6-layer PCB
      • Hardware Dimensions: 64mm×45mm

    Ships With

    • EDM6070AR-01 Kit (Base Board, MINI6935 CPU Core Module & 7" Touchscreen LCD Display)
    • CD containing: User manual, Demo Application, Source code, Development tools, etc


    Which GUI does the supplied LINUX BSP support?
    The supplied BSP supports the LINUX QT GUI based development.
    Which processor is being used?
    The processor is the ARM926EJ-S Thumb processor running upto 400MHz. This is based on the ARM9 architecture with 16-bit Thumb instruction set, 32-bit ARM instruction set or 8-bit Jazelle instruction set. It also includes the CP15 coprocessor for managing cache, timers, MMU's and few other peripherals.
    What are the temperature / humidity operating conditions for the kit?
    Operating temperature: -10 deg C to 70 deg C and humidity: 0% to 90% (non condensing).
    Where can I find relevant tools and software?
    You can download the tools from the} replaces
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    What debugging/emulation tools are available?
    The AT91SAM-ICE JTAG tool can be used for debugging on this board.
    Can capacitive touchscreens be used as well?
    No, the MPU supports only resistive touchscreens panels.

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