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    • MSP-GANG Production Programmer
    • MSP-GANG Production Programmer
    • MSP-GANG Production Programmer


    The MSP Gang Programmer is an MSP430 device programmer that can program up to eight identical MSP430 flash or FRAM devices at the same time. The MSP Gang Programmer connects to a host PC using a standard RS-232 or USB connection and provides flexible programming options that allow the user to fully customize the process.

    The MSP Gang Programmer is not a gang programmer in the traditional sense, in that there are not eight sockets provided to program target devices. Instead, the MSP Gang Programmer is designed to connect to target devices in-circuit (that is, target devices are mounted in the final circuit or system). The MSP Gang Programmer accesses target devices using connectors that use JTAG or Spy-Bi-Wire (SBW) signals.

    The MSP Gang Programmer is provided with an expansion board, called the Gang Splitter, that implements the interconnections between the MSP Gang Programmer and multiple target devices. Eight cables are provided that connect the expansion board to eight target devices (via JTAG or Spy-Bi-Wire connectors). The programming can be done with a PC or as a standalone device. A PC-side Graphical User Interface is also available and is DLL-based.


    • 3x Faster than the previous GANG programmer version, MSP-GANG430
    • Quickly and reliably program Flash or FRAM-based MSP devices via an RS-232 or USB interface
    • Several programming modes:
      • Interactive Mode – Programming while connected to PC using the MSP GANG Programmer GUI
      • Program from Image – An image can be stored, which contains configuration options and code files. This allows users to program MSP devices standalone, without a PC
      • Programming from Script – Enables developers to automate more complicated programming procedures.
    • Intuitive GUI for configuring, programming & testing production setup
    • SD Card slot for storing images
    • LCD screen for easy programming without a PC
    • Supports up to 8 targets simultaneously
    • Supports all current and future MSP430 devices

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