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    • Mechatronics Robot
    • Mechatronics Robot


    An easy-to-use mechatronics development and demonstration platform for NXP's Robot Kit operating with the TWR-MECh Board.

    This toolset allows for the science of combining mechanics, electronics, and software into an integrated system. Experience what the four degrees of freedom bipedal walking robot can do.

    The TWR-MECH is programmable in C/C using CodeWarrior and an on-board open-source BDM flash programming tool. For fast prototyping or for individuals without C/C experience, the Tower System Mechatronics Board is supported by the Robot Vision Toolkit and RobotSee (a language as simple as BASIC with the power of C).



    • Metal four degrees of freedom walking biped robot
    • Works with accelerometer, magnetometer and touch
    • Four PWM controlled RC servo motors
    • Expressive "face" with 12 touch pads, and seven LEDs for user interaction
    • Easily add your own sensors and accessories using; I²C, SPI, A/D, or GPIO
    • Programmable in C/C using CodeWarrior
    • Supported by Stick OS


    Ships With

    • TWR-MECH board with a MCF52259 32-bit MCU
    • 4 PWM Controlled RC Servos
    • Leg Mechanics and Associated Hardware
    • Bipedal 4DOF walking robot assembly instructions
    • User guide document
    • Quick Start Guide document

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