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    • Code Warrior USB TAP for ONCE DSC
    • Code Warrior USB TAP for ONCE DSC


    The CodeWarrior USB TAP® host target interface is a feature-packed, run control tool that allows developers to save precious development time during target bring-up and debugging. The USB TAP integrates seamlessly with the CodeWarrior integrated development environment, giving the developer a powerful tool for complex debug tasks and providing excellent visibility into, and control of, NXP on-chip debug features. With the USB TAP, you will have complete run control functionality and easy flash programming for fast downloads and convenient production testing.

    The CodeWarrior USB TAP® features support for these NXP processors:

    • 56800/E Hybrid

    *Note: This product supports Microsoft® Windows Vista®


    • High-speed USB 2.0 connectivity
    • Device is self-powered, requiring no external power supply
    • Run-control visibility and control
    • Flash memory programming
    • Low voltage target support
    • Fully integrated with CodeWarrior tools and supports all CodeWarrior run-control debug features
    • Gain optimal performance:
      • Split-second single-step execution
      • Fast code download to target, depending on processor and target design
      • Control and debug your software running in-target, with minimal intrusion into target operation
    • Use software or hardware breakpoints:
      • Crash-proof control of the target processor
      • Obtain and modify register contents
      • Display and modify memory
      • Control instruction execution
      • Run/stop/step/reset
    • USB 2.0 run-control emulator for target bring-up and debug providing visibility into and control of NXP on-chip debug (OCD) features using On-Chip Emulation (OnCE) communication protocol
    • Expect fast response for new processors or mask revisions support
    • Combines a powerful C/C symbolic debugger with an integrated debugging interface to take advantage of all USB TAP features
    • Debug code in ROM, RAM, and flash
    • Low-voltage processor compatible
    • Use detailed source-level trace to validate complex code execution despite cache and pre-fetch operations

    Ships With

    • USB TAP
    • USB 2.0 Cable

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