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    Development Kit Dilemmas开发套件的难题


    If you use development kits as part of the design process then we want to hear from you. What type of technologies are you using them in? What features do you look for? How often does the design make its way through to production?工程师使用开发套件进行开发设计时面临怎样的难题?他们需要具备什么特色的开发套件?是什么原因阻碍他们将设计方案最终投入生产?我们真诚期待您与我们分享宝贵观点,以便更好地为工程师的设计提供支持。

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    Who are your Dev Kit Heroes?


    We asked members of the Community to share their thoughts on Dev Kits in this three part video series. Do you agree with what they had to say?


    VIDEO 1
    Best Dev Kits: Chips and Manufacturers
    VIDEO 2
    Dev Kits and Single Board Computers
    VIDEO 3
    Top Dev Kits by Technology
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    History of the Dev Kit


    Development Kits have shaped the technology-led world we know today. Originally a basis for prototyping products and applications, development kits are now being used to produce some of the world’s most innovative new technologies, from wearables and smart devices, to medical testing systems and the Internet of Things.


    To mark the incredible impact of Development Kits, we have charted their evolution in this History of the Dev Kit slideshare. It follows early adoption by the engineering community in the 1970s, right through to the modern day of low cost, open source development platforms.

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