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    • Two common reasons that the dongle is used are:
      • Users desire to use CodeWarrior software at home and at the office but do not wish to purchase two copies of the software
      • Users that wish to purchase a single license for the software and to then use the software in different physical locations that do not have the guarantee of an internet connection.
    • For users that have a persistent internet connection to all workstations, the floating license option is generally a superior licensing mechanism that allows for higher rates of utilization of the software.
    • All computer systems with a USB 1.1 or higher USB port may utilize the dongle. Drivers for the dongle are required and ship with the dongle or can be downloaded.
    • Most CodeWarrior software released after 04/01/2004 will be able to use the dongle. Specifically, dongle capability is enabled in CodeWarrior IDE version 5.6 and later. Of note, a single computer system can have multiple dongles connected at once, if needed.


    The USB Dongle is a small device that plugs into a USB port on a host computer to provide an ID that is used in licensing the use of CodeWarrior software. NXP provides them as a licensing option for our customers. The dongle allows for a single, specific node-locked copy of a given CodeWarrior software suite to be used with any given computer system, by attaching the dongle to their computer’s USB port. Proper operation of the desired CodeWarrior software product does require a valid license on the USB dongle.

    Note: With classic CodeWarrior IDE products, NXP do not support USB dongle license configurations for 64 bit Windows 7 and Linux host OS