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    WiFi Dongle


    The WIFI_Dongle is a high performance and cost effective WLAN USB module which connects your development platform to a wireless local area network. It has greater bandwidth making data transmission more efficient, whilst also supporting wireless roaming, ensuring a consistent wireless connection. WIFI_Dongle uses the latest channel detection technology, enhancing wireless performance.


    • Uses latest 802.11n technology
    • Supports data rates up to 150Mbps
    • Supports wireless roaming

    Ships With

    • WIFI Dongle


    What's the power consumption of this dongle?
    Based on the chipset, <300mA on transmit, although the different modes supported have their own current draws depending on data rate
    What single board computers will this work with?
    This will work with the Raspberry Pi and RiOTboad under Linux.
    What connection types will this support ?
    This will support up to 802.11n connections
    Will this work with RaspBMC/OpenELEC without having to install the drivers?
    It is supported in version 13 "Gotham" directly, no additional installation of drivers is needed
    Is this a dual band device 2.4/5GHz ?
    This is single band only, 2.4GHz.

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