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    The LCD8000-70T-EX1 module requires below mentioned hardware and softwares to work with.

    Hardware Requirements:

    • RIoTboard
    • 5V Power Adapter
    • LCD8000-70T-EX1
    • UART8000-U Cable

    Software Requirements:

    • Operating System: RIoTboard Linux or Android
    • Version: Linux SVN2591 or higher; Android SVN2597 or higher

    The LCD8000-70T-EX1 is a 7inch LCD display module by element14 for use with RIoT board. For connecting the LCD module to RIoTboard needs the help of a LCD-Ex expansion board.

    LCD8000-70T-EX1 is a TFT-LCD module with a 16 bit RGB parallel conversion board. The conversion board is integrates a TSC2046 chip for touch function and a 3.3V regulation chip with capability to implement I2C control and PWM backlight control. It supports 16-bit driving modes for LCD displays, as well as connecting SPI 4-wire resistive touch-screen.

    Note: The blue stripe at the end of 50-pin FPC cable should be facing upward when connecting the LCD module to LCD-Ex expansion board. LCD8000-70T-EX1 do NOT support hot plugging

    • LCD-Ex Expansion Board
    • 7” Touchscreen LCD Module with 50-pin FPC Cable

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