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    Evaluation Board for iCoupler Digital Isolators


    EVAL-ADuMQSEBZ can be used with most iCoupler® and isoPower(R) isolation products in the 16-lead, wide-body SOIC and QSOP packages. The evaluation board supports the common pad positions for power, ground and I/O pins found in nearly all of the iCoupler products and is a configurable board that can be adapted to many iCoupler products.

    Supported iCoupler Products

    • ADuM130x
    • ADuM131x
    • ADuM140x
    • ADuM141x
    • ADuM1510
    • ADuM240x
    • ADuM330x
    • ADuM340x
    • ADuM344x
    • ADuM440x
    • ADuM5000
    • ADuM520x
    • ADuM540x
    • ADuM6000
    • ADuM620x
    • ADuM640x
    • ADuM744x
    • ADuM7510


    • Convenient connections for power through screw terminal blocks
    • Add-on BNC connector for 50 Ω signal sources
    • On-board signal routing
    • Support for signal wrap back
    • Simple signal paths to reduce transmission line effects
    • Pull-up and pull-down provided for control lines
    • Support for isoPower
    • Project area that supports surface-mount and through-hole devices

    Ships With

    • EVAL-ADUMQSEBZ Evaluation Board

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