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    • Evaluation Board for ADAS1000 ECG Analog Front End
    • Evaluation Board for ADAS1000 ECG Analog Front End


    The Analog Devices EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ is a fully featured evaluation kit for the ADAS1000. The evaluation kit consists of an evaluation board kitted with 2 ADAS1000 devices capable of demonstrating ECG capture up to 12 leads. Included in the kit is a medical grade +5V wall adaptor with interchangeable worldwide wall plugs and a CD with user software for data capture and display. The software allows control of all ADAS1000 registers, ability to capture and display ECG data, respiration data, pace pulse detection and store data for offline processing.

    This evaluation board is provided for silicon evaluation purposes and is not designed to be connected directly to animal or human. This board operates in conjunction with the System Development Platform (SDP) or alternatively may be interfaced to directly via a dedicated serial interface connector (J4). It does not come as part of the evaluation kit and can be ordered separately (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z). It can be reused with many other Analog Devices evaluation modules.

    The SDP controller board connects to the PC via USB 2.0. The evaluation board connects to the SDP controller board. The ADAS1000 evaluation board cannot be connected directly to the PC. The evaluation software running on the PC will communicate with the evaluation board through the SDP Controller board.

    The primary function of the EVAL-ADAS1000 evaluation board is to demonstrate the ADAS1000 integrated ECG device for medical instrumentation. This evaluation board is used to evaluation the ADAS1000 and all variants.

    The evaluation board is ideal for exploring concepts and adopting the ADAS1000 into advanced medical systems. The board can be operated as part of an end user’s system via the ADAS1000 SPI interface or as a standalone evaluation of the ADAS1000 using the support of the Analog Devices system demonstration platform controller board (SDP-B), , and a standard PC (running Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit) to run the Analog Devices evaluation software.

    The SDP-B board, which is a DSP-based controller board is separate from the evaluation board, is required to run the Analog Devices evaluation software and is used for data transfer from evaluation board to PC via USB interface. It does not come as part of the evaluation kit and can be ordered separately (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z). It can be reused with many other Analog Devices evaluation modules.

    Key Applications: ECG, Patient monitor, Holter monitor, Cardiac defibrillators



    • Biopotential signals in, digitized signals out
    • 6 electrodes (5 acquisition channels and 1 driven lead)
    • 2 × ADAS1000 (master/slave) for 1 to 12 lead electrode measurements
    • AC and DC lead-off detection
    • Pace detection
    • Optional thoracic impedance measurement (internal/external)
    • Selectable reference lead
    • Lead or electrode data available
    • Calibration features (DAC and 1 mV square/sinewave)
    • Low or high speed data output rates
    • Serial interface SPI®-/QSPI™-/DSP-compatible

    Ships With


    • EVAL-ADAS1000 board
    • Medical-grade universal ac-to-dc wall adaptor (+5 V)
    • CD that includes
      • Self-installing graphical user interface (GUI) software that allows users to read/write to ADAS1000 and to stream data
      • Electronic version of the ADAS1000 data sheet
      • Electronic version of the EVAL-ADAS1000 documentation


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