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    Evaluation Module For ADS42JB69 and LMK04828


    The ADS42JB69EVM is an evaluation module (EVM) that allows for the evaluation of Texas Instruments’ ADS42JB69 and LMK04828 clock jitter cleaner. The ADS42JB69 is a low power, 16-bit, 250-MSPS analog to digital converter (ADC) with a buffered analog input and outputs featuring a JESD204B interface. The EVM has transformer coupled analog inputs to accommodate a wide range of signal sources and frequencies. The LMK04828 provides an ultra-low-jitter and phase noise ADC sample clock along with System Reference clocks and Device Sample clock for a complete JESD204B subclass 1 clocking solution.

    The ADS42JB69 and LMK04828 are controlled through an easy to use software GUI to enable quick configuration for a variety of uses.

    The ADS42JB69EVM will connect directly to the FMC port of the Xilinx’s KC705 evaluation platform. TI also has an ADS42JB69SEK which includes the ADS42JB69EVM and a JESD204B translator card allowing a direct connection to the TSW1400EVM data capture card.

    The ADS42JB69 and ADS42JB49 are high-linearity, dual-channel, 16- and 14-bit, 250-MSPS, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). These devices support the JESD204B serial interface with data rates up to 3.125 Gbps. The buffered analog input provides uniform input impedance across a wide frequency range while minimizing sample-and-hold glitch energy making it easy to drive analog inputs up to very high input frequencies. A sampling clock divider allows more flexibility for system clock architecture design. The devices employ internal dither algorithms to provide excellent spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) over a large input frequency range.


    • Flexible transformer coupled analog input to allow for a variety of sources and frequencies
    • Easy to use software GUI to configure the ADS42JB69 and LMK04828 for a variety of configurations through a USB interface
    • Quickly evaluate ADC performance through High Speed Data Converter Pro software
    • Simple connection to TSW1400EVM capture card via JESD204B translator card (see ADS42JB69SEK) or direct connection to FMC based Xilinx development platform


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