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    • Ultra Low Power Management IC, Boost Charger Nanopowered Buck Converter Evaluation Module
    • Ultra Low Power Management IC, Boost Charger Nanopowered Buck Converter Evaluation Module


    The bq25570 evaluation module (EVM) is a complete module for evaluating the bq25570 energy harvesting charger for storage elements like single-cell Li-Ion/Polymer batteries or super-capacitors. Intended to be powered by high impedance supplies, such as solar panels, thermo-electric generators (TEGs) or piezoelectric generators, the bq25570 regulates its input voltage so that it will not collapse its input source while charging the storage element up to a set voltage point. A power good output indicates when the charger’s storage element reaches a user set voltage level.

    The bq25570 has an integrated buck regulator that provides a regulated output from the charger output. With minimum changes, the EVM can also be configured as an ultra-low power boost converter, regulating the output voltage from a low impedance source, while simultaneously providing a second output voltage from the buck regulator.


    The bq25570 is a highly integrated energy harvesting Nano-Power management solution that is well suited for meeting the special needs of ultra low power applications. The product is specifically designed to efficiently acquire and manage the microwatts (µW) to milliwatts (mW) of power generated from a variety of DC sources like photovoltaic (solar) or thermal electric generators.


    Features of BQ25570EVM-206BQ25570EVM-206:

    • Programmable input voltage regulation setting via jumpers or resistors
    • Programmable charger output voltage maximum setting via resistors (currently 4.2V)
    • Programmable charger output voltage maximum setting via resistors (currently 1.8V)
    • Programmable power good (BAT_OK) voltage setting via resistors (currently 3.0V)
    • Multiple jumpers, connectors and test points available

    Features of bq25570:

    • Ultra Low Power DC/DC Boost Charger
      • Cold-start Voltage: VIN ≥ 330 mV
      • Continuous Energy Harvesting From VIN as low as 100 mV
      • Input Voltage Regulation Prevents Collapsing High Impedance
        Input Sources
      • Full Operating Quiescent Current of 488 nA (typical)
      • Ship Mode with < 5 nA From Battery
    • Energy Storage
      • Energy can be Stored to Re-chargeable Li-ion Batteries,
        Thin-film Batteries, Super-capacitors, or Conventional
    • Battery Charging and Protection
      • Internally Set Undervoltage Level
      • User Programmable Overvoltage Levels
    • Battery Good Output Flag
      • Programmable Threshold and Hysteresis
      • Warn Attached Microcontrollers of Pending Loss of Power
      • Can be Used to Enable or Disable System Loads
    • Programmable Step Down Regulated Output (Buck)
      • High Efficiency up to 93%
      • Supports Peak Output Current up to 110 mA (typical)
    • Programmable Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
      • Provides Optimal Energy Extraction From a Variety of
        Energy Harvesters
        including Solar Panels, Thermal and Piezo Electric

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