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    Evaluation Board For bq34z100


    This evaluation module (bq34z100EVM) is a complete evaluation system for the bq34z100 wide range fuel gauge for lithium ion chemistries when combined with an EV2300 USB adapter and Windows-based PC software downloadable from the website. The circuit module includes one bq34z100 integrated circuit (IC) and all other components necessary to monitor and predict capacity in 1 or more series cell Li-ion, Li-polymer, or LiFePO4 battery packs.

    The circuit module connects directly across the battery. With the EV2300 interface adapter and software, it is possible to read the bq34z100 data registers, program the chip for different pack configurations, log cycling data for further evaluation, and evaluate the overall functionality of the bq34z100 solution under different charge and discharge conditions

    The Texas Instruments bq34z100 is a fuel gauge solution that works independently of battery series-cell configurations, and supports a wide range of Li-Ion and LiFePO4 battery chemistries. Batteries from 3 V to 65 V can be supported through an external voltage translation circuit that can be controlled automatically to reduce system power consumption.


    • Complete evaluation system for the bq34z100 advanced gas gauge with Impedance Track technology
    • Populated circuit module for quick setup
    • Link to software allowing data logging for system analysis

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